May 2024

Jan ten Damme

Jan ten Damme was born in 1955. He is living in Winterswijk.

Working with art has always been a kind of creative outlet for him alongside his full-time job in the metal industry, without any special training in the art sector.

Around 25 years ago, Jan ten Damme started creating objects and sculptures made of stainless steel, often as garden decorations. He has also created several objects on behalf of the municipality of Winterswijk.

About 10 years ago he turned to casting bronze statues. His professional background in the metal sector obviously played a role in both disciplines. Both materials have their own possibilities, but also their own limitations. When creating bronze objects, the work process until the finished sculpture is significantly longer, but the material also offers more possibilities in terms of shape and detail. Stylistically, Jan ten Damme works both, abstractly and figuratively. Since art has remained a hobby for him, he has the opportunity to create objects that speak to him, without the influence of others.