July 2024

Weaving studio de Rozengang

In the picturesque scenery of the Achterhoek we find the beautifully rural weaving Studio “De rozengang=aisle of roses”. Two groups of enthusiastic hobby weavers meet every week in a cozy and very well-equipped room to improve their weaving skills. The weavers each work for themselves according to their own level and according to their own ideas, but supported and encouraged by Lia Rath. With her knowledge and years of experience, she always knows how to keep up the enthusiasm and encourage the weavers to push their own limits. The group members are involved in the work of the others, which they always use as a source of inspiration. Weaving brings people together, and the weaving studio “De rozengang” fulfills an important function that extends beyond regional borders.

In order to strengthen the mutual contact between the two groups, the desire arose to do something together. Collaboration is inspirational and can be a source of new ideas that fuel enthusiasm for weaving and creativity. It’s nice to create something together with several people, where everyone contributes to the big picture according to his/her skill and ideas. This is how the idea was born to work together on a project. The essence of weaving, “connecting different threads in order to create one fabric” is used as a metaphor for the connection of the two groups in the joint project “connection”. Everyone is happy to create something beautiful together, to enjoy being together and to fill encounters with creativity. When it ultimately becomes a work of art, isn’t that beautiful?