June 2024

Margriet Lems

Margriet Lems

Margriet Lems, née Holtrop, lives in Doetinchem and enjoyed painting already as a child. She always was interested in shape and color.

Fifteen years ago, when she had got more time to paint, she did what she had wanted to do for much of her life: To find out if she really had the ability to put something on the canvas. She took painting lessons with Vera van Loon (Latente Talenten, Halle/NL) and learned to paint with acrylic and oil paint.

Margriet sometimes paints abstractly, sometimes realistically, depending on what she feels at that moment. She consciously avoids committing to trends or specific topics such as flowers, nature, people, etc.

Her works never have a specific theme, but are a representation of her actual emotions: from a somewhat gloomy and dark forest to a calm abstract painting or from the flaming red that recurs in many of her paintings to a dreamy closed door in a piece of beautiful nature!

In addition to her larger paintings, she also creates small, lovely pictures, for example as gifts for birthdays or births.

Over the years, Margriet began to see painting as more than just a hobby. She enjoys people’s reactions during her exhibitions. Whether positive or negative, they always lead to interesting conversations.

Margriet has already had exhibitions at various locations in the region: six times in the Koetshuis of Slangenburg Castle, in Hyndendael, twice in Schavenweide, in Croonemate, twice as part of “Heerlijckheid Slangenburgh”, twice at “Kunst en Kunstig” in Zeddam.

In addition to painting, photography is also one of Margriet’s hobbies, a good combination. Her photos regularly give her inspirations for her paintings.

Margriet herself will be present in Kerkje De Rietstap and hopes to have made you curious about her creative work. Become surprised by her interpretation of theme, atmosphere and color.