August 2023

Willem Heinen

Willem Heinen

Willem Heinen was born in Dinxperlo in 1957 and completed his studies in industrial design at the art academy in 1982. He never painted there. It was only around 2008 that he came into contact with painting during a creative course “Art School” at the night school in Amersfoort, where he enthusiastically took lessons and participated in workshops for twelve years. In 2020, Willem moved back to the Achterhoek after pre-retirement.

Willem Heinen sees himself more as a traditional painter than as a modern artist. Stylistically one can assign his works mainly to realism and partly to impressionism. Material expression is often the focus: juicy fruit, rusty locks, wet pebbles, glasses and bottles. Scenes from nature also fascinate him. His “City Scapes”, urban landscapes with wet streets, heavy traffic and blocks of flats, are much more expressive and fluidly painted. In the meantime, he has also developed great dexterity in portrait painting. In short, a fairly versatile painter with very specific preferences.

Willem Heinen is also an enthusiastic nature photographer who published the photo book “The astonishment” in 2021, in which he presented all his observations of nature during the Corona period. Among other things, he has already exhibited twice at SeptemberKunst as well as at Meander Medical Center in Baarn and during “Vreemde gasten” in Amersfoort. He could also be found at various art markets in Amersfoort and has exhibited at Kerkje De Rietstap in 2013 for the first time.