September 2023

Rob de Graaf

Rob de Graaf

During his visit to a wholesaler for stained glass products, Rob de Graaf saw a book about Glasfusing. He looked into it, bought the book and when he got home he read it. He did that again and again and had become so enthusiastic that he wanted to learn it himself.

Rob followed a number of studies with the author of the book and then set up his own studio. Because Rob is a DIY (Do It Yourself) man, he also made a glassfusing oven himself. In contrast to stained glass, where lead holds the glass together, with glassfusing the glass is melted together. You can use glassfusing to create beautiful objects.

Rob creates beautiful objects for himself, as well as for customers (art lovers) and he also gives workshops. In one day Rob teaches you how to work, cut, break, cut glass circles, drill holes in glass, mill glass and so on. With this you learn enough skills to make a beautiful object yourself that same day. Such a day is very instructive, very creative, very pleasant and very tasty because at noon you will be offered a delicious lunch. So far, all participants have made something beautiful, something valuable in that one day. No prior skills are required. Anyone can do it.

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As mentioned, Rob also produces beautiful objects for customers. This ranges from practical objects such as a beautiful glass bowl, nice and decorative lighting to lovely art objects.

Interested? Please contact Rob de Graaf: info(at)

Glass is not only for drinking or for looking through (windows), glass is also wonderful to work with, the possibilities are enormous.

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Rob de Graaf
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