March 2022

Bärbel Schüürmann


My name is Bärbel Schüürmann. I was born on 9.12.1945 and I live in Suderwick. My mother introduced me to handicrafts at a young age. I have knitted, embroidered and crocheted a lot.

I have always admired lace making. And I wished I could master it too. During our summer vacation in 1995 in Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest, I registered for a lace making course with Mrs. Erna Nötzel, who gave courses. My husband Ernst was hiking in Zwiesel while I was in the Zwiesel Museum learning to make lace. I was excited! Before going back home, we bought some of those things you’ll need: bobbins, bobbin cushion, cushion holder and lots and lots of pins, as well as bobbin lace letters and photos.

2 years later I attended the 2nd lace-making course at the lace-making school in Nordhalben in the Franconian Forest, where the children already at school learn to make lace. Ernst walked again while I was making lace from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Some time later, after our vacation, there was an advertisement in the BBV, the Bocholt newspaper, of a young woman who would like to make lace together with other women. Women from Bocholt, Suderwick, Barlo and Haldern responded to this ad. After the first meeting to become acquainted to each other, we handicrafted together for a few years. We had a lot of fun doing it. One of these women heard from a lace-making teacher in Goch. In fact, it was a married couple. Mrs. Lamers as well as her husband made lace. Mr. Lamers also designed bobbin lace motifs. That was really great!

We are now elderly and one of the members has already passed away. Our lace-making group was getting smaller and smaller. Finally there were still 2 women who regularly drove to Goch once a month.

Suddenly I had the idea to make an altar cloth for our church in Suderwick. I asked Mr Lamers if he would like to make any suggestions. He immediately agreed and designed several patterns that he showed to me. I chose a motif and started . This is how the altar cloth that I donated to our church was born.

Unfortunately Mrs. Lamers passed away a few years ago. That was the end of our bobbin lace making group and of our trips to Goch to make lace together, but some of us are still practicing their hobby at home. Also for me making bobbin lace is still giving satisfaction and a lot of fun and therefore I’m still doing a lot of it.

You can see a small selection of my work in March 2022 in Kerkje De Rietstap. Until now I have only made lace for myself or some of my work I gave away to close friends. However, smaller commissioned work is also possible on request.