July 2023

Ben Lammers

Alongside his work as a graphic designer, Ben Lammers is looking for other opportunities to be creative but also to find relaxation. He succeeds in this above all in photography and painting. During his studies at the art academy in Utrecht, he began to work more intensively with photography. His preference is primarily for nature photography, especially landscape and macro photography, but he is also very fascinated by city- and architectural photography. In landscape photography he tries to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the given situation. As a fan of nature, he attaches great importance to the applicable rules in nature reserves and tries to edit the picture as little as possible afterwards. The latter is probably a holdover of the analogue era, when preparation was very important for a good photo.
Macro photography is Ben Lammers’ second passion, especially since this form of photography can be used anywhere. Many of his photos are taken in his own garden or in the immediate vicinity. In addition to playing with light and composition, the choice of focus and blur is essential in macro photography. This creates a new world that cannot be seen with normal observation. It teaches you to look at things from a completely different perspective.
Consequently, the works selected by Ben Lammers for this exhibition all belong to these two forms of photography, with the theme of water becoming a common denominator.

Previous exhibitions:
Septemberkunst 2009-2011-2013-2015-2017-2019-2022
Foto Garretsen, Aalten
Helenahuis, Aalten
Arkaden, Bocholt (D)
Town Hall, Rhede (D)

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July 2023

Jet Heusinkveld

My name is Jet Heusinkveld-Salemink (1957). Modeling is my passion, representing something three-dimensionally out of clay or wax is an additional challenge for me. The traditional process of making a bronze sculpture, modeling it, shaping it, casting it and finishing it yourself still fascinates me. My work, freelance or commissioned, reflects my love for people and animals. I work hand-crafted-traditionally, true to nature, detailed, sometimes with a humorous touch, but mainly out of my feelings and the atmosphere. When I do commissioned work, I look for the client’s story, depicting detail, likeness or abstraction at will.

In Jet’s studio you can create your own sculpture out of clay or bronze in small groups under supervision. You will learn how to shape, look closely, work with your hands – you will be astonished.

Additional Information:

Jet Heusinkveld-Salemink
Bredevoortsestraatweg 115-1
NL-7121BG Aalten
0031 619103980