August 2022

Wilma Rosink


Wilma Rosink was born on October 27th, 1965 in Enschede. Early in 2000 she started her unique hobby. For many years she worked in research and development for a very successful company that produces epoxy and/or polyurethane synthetic floors in many different colours. Material that is out of color or too old has to be disposed as chemical waste which is of course very expensive.

So Wilma Rosink was looking for re-use of this waste. She experimented with pouring the material onto a glass bowl, which resulted in a very beautiful result. She also used various other materials as a base, often with surprising results. She is usually working with different colors together, resulting in a colorful whole. Since it is a two-component product, it does not have to be put into the oven – as many people might think – but it is cured after 24 hours. Then Wilma Rosink usually adds a protective layer of varnish. This is how she makes, for example, beautiful wall clocks out of old LPs that people otherwise would throw away.

This is how her hobby was born, which she really enjoys practicing. It’s certainly not difficult, and it’s interesting because a unique product emerges every time.

Wilma Rosink has also given workshops under the motto “From waste to something colorful and unique” regularly, but the Corona pandemic has prevented this for the last 2 years.

Wilma Rosink also makes household dishes, wallclocks, etc. to order. If you are interested in something unique, just contact Wilma Rosink at