October 2022

Louise Bierhuizen


She began painting in Rotterdam, where she used to live, but that never gave her the satisfaction she later found working with ceramics.

After her first experiments with clay, she realized that design is the most important thing in mastering the subtleties of technology for space and size, which has enabled her to create larger sculptures that can also be set up in the garden.

Louise Bierhuizen is always searching for innovations, challenges and surprising shapes.

What is exciting her most about abstraction is the tension it creates in relation to the end result – you work towards something out of inspiration.

Louise Bierhuizen’s work is both figurative and abstract and is refined with engobes – glazes – oxides and pigments.

Above all, the artist is interested very much in getting new ideas and turning new challenges into reality, actually especially the Pitfire and Raku techniques are interesting her. The possibilities with this are endless.

Website: www.berk.exto.nl