November 2022

Frida Boland


Frida Boland (Doetinchem, 1950) – visual artist – draws, paints, models, makes icons and gives courses and workshops; is versatile in feeling, thinking, speaking and working. She is always looking for unique identity and meaning. Her work is related to her search for harmony. She graduated from the Art Academy in Arnhem and then followed the training for drawing therapist. She is the author of several books.

Frida Boland’s works of art arise from her fascination with and considerable knowledge of ancient peoples and cultures, she tries to make connections between ancient cultures. During her many travels she was inspired by past and existing rituals, objects, religions and legends from other parts of the world. Her paintings, drawings, icons and sculptures have a magical spiritual charge that in turn inspires others. Confidently she makes use of old sources of inspiration to build a bridge between past and present, between reality and imagination.

Frida has an inner urge to engage in work that forces her own growth and inner development as well as that of others – a bigger goal than just material gain. Her manner of teaching focuses on the development of the potential of others, she is interested, quickly sees opportunities and acts as a catalyst in the realization of ideas. She tries to understand people and helps them to develop with a focus on individuality and growth. Her greatest wish is peace and integrity for herself and the whole world.

Frida Boland is an established name. She has been providing inspiring drawing and painting courses for years. In her own studio courses with a spiritual background, such as Mandala and Chakra, are given as well as courses on ancient cultures such as Buddha, Egypt, Indians, goddesses, angels and icons. Mainly it is worked with color pencils, gouache, tempera, acrylic paint and ink.