June 2023

Sanne de Graaf

Sanne de Graaf

“Sanne also is doing something”

After a career as a therapist in healthcare, Sanne de Graaf (41) changed course and decided to make a profession of her life. From an early age on, the arts have been an outlet for Sanne, a way to deal with major and minor themes in her life. Her interests are broad. She works with a variety of materials and has mastered various techniques. Five years ago she got infected with the print virus and since then her focus has mainly been on lino and block print.
Sanne takes her own life as a subject and tries to connect and break through taboos by broaching sometimes vulnerable subjects. Subjects such as self-image, grief, social pressure and psychological vulnerability are regularly reviewed. By her openness and willingness to expose herself, Sanne tries to make clear that she is doing something – just like everyone else does.

lino and block print

Earlier exhibitions:
September 2022 to March 2023: Exhibition in Drukkerijmuseum Meppel