July 2022

Anita Nieuwboer – Takke (1959)


After attending various hobby courses, which she enjoyed doing, Anita Nieuwboer-Takke began painting in watercolor with Anne Schreur about 25 years ago.

On the occasion of a visit to an exhibition at Ria Wiendels’ Galerie 21 in Breedenbroek, she became enthusiastic about painting with acrylic paint. Since then she is  painting every 2 weeks with a group of other course participants under the guidance of Ria Wiendels in Galerie 21. Anita has not had any proper art training before, but she tries to perfect her knowledge, her technique and her enjoyment of painting by reading literature about painting.

Meanwhile, Anita has exhibited several times, i.e. in Gallery 21 and at “Art in the Church” in Silvolde. Her watercolors are mostly realistic, while her acrylic painting borders between abstract and figurative. Anita is inspired by landscapes and flowers.