Discover a little piece of historic Dinxperlo

September 2021

Mark Heister, born April 20, 1972 in Doetinchem and raised in Dinxperlo is living in Winterswijk since 2009.

Photos with a story. An emotion in a photo. That characterizes my photography.

The image must be simple, and at the same time it must invite you to look longer and get a feeling or a story yourself. Technology is of secondary importance.

During various photography courses I discovered that photos that were technically less good appealed to me the most. Blur often gave an atmosphere in a photo that I was looking for unconsciously.

I am still using my first camera, bought in 2014, which is a fairly basic entry-level model. Every now and then I take a trip to a different camera, for example if I want to photograph on and in the street at night.

Previously I was allowed to exhibit three times in Winterswijk and once in Doetinchem. I lived in Dinxperlo until I was 32, so it is special for me to exhibit my work in the little church De Rietstap.

I hope you enjoy of my exhibition, see you soon!