Discover a little piece of historic Dinxperlo

October 2021

Willy Meerdink, Amateur painter

Willy Meerdink, mother, activity guide … and painter, lives in the Woold peasantry in Winterswijk. The landscape and life in the peasant communities in which she grew up can be found in a large part of her paintings and drawings.

Willy was born on March 11, 1959 in the Kotten peasantry in Winterswijk. Here she also spent her youth. From a young age on she was attracted to creative art, initially in the form of tailoring and handicrafts, followed by visual arts such as doll-making. After their marriage in 1982, she moved to Woold, where she now lives with her husband and two children in the small village center. When her elder daughter was one year old, she wanted something to do and it didn’t stop with drawing. In her house you will find oil paintings, watercolors and pastels in a style that is immediately appealing, detailed portraits, still lifes in beautiful colors and scenes from old peasant life.

Willy paints and draws houses as well as portraits on demand, too. In 1999 Willy took part in the “Talens Palette” competition, from which she emerged as a nominee for the Achterhoek region. Jos Klaver, Jaques Blommestijn and Eva Hoopman assessed her work as follows: The painting contains numerous exciting and mysterious spaces that alternate between closed, open and transparent. The technique is well applied, for example the transparency of the curtains is well done.

In 1999 she took part in the Bocholt art market and was selected to be named in the catalog with these two paintings.

In 2000 and 2001 she received the WASte Winterswijk Audience Award for the following paintings:

The last painting (Man with a Hat) was nominated for the Gelderland Art Prize in 2002.