Discover a little piece of historic Dinxperlo

November 2021

Web circle “Self-determined”

Annelie Kunst, Cilia van der Wende, Gerda van der Greft, Hannie Bulsink, Mariet Quist, Rieneke van der Plicht and Tiny Wentink all come from our region.

When you tell friends and acquaintances that you are weaving, people quickly think of wolen socks and sandals. Nobody realizes that we all come into contact with and  use and wear woven materials every day.
Hand weaving has existed as long as mankind dresses in clothing and is still carried out in many ways around the world as a beautiful handicraft.
There are many more options on the modern hand loom than just producing household textiles, curtains, pillowcases and clothing using wool, silk and cotton, no matter how beautiful it all can be.
If we use copper wire, stainless steel wire, plastic, willow twigs or rubber, together with different techniques and fantasie, we get extraordinary results, you may think of objects, wall hangings, bags and jewelry.

All of this, inspired by the theme of “beautifully decorated”, the web circle “self-determined” wants to show during the exhibition in Kerkje De Rietstap in Dinxperlo.

We are looking forward to see you!

Annelie  Kunst – In the course of my life I took part in various creative workshops, courses and training courses at the AKI in Enschede.

My main disciplines are sculpture, painting and textile art.

Weaving is currently my favorite activity, and working on a particular topic inspires me again and again.

“Fraai getooid = beautifully decorated” invited me to mainly weave scarves.

Cilia van der Wende – I want to introduce myself:

My name is Cilia and I live in Ulft. I have been weaving with pleasure for over 40 years.

I usually make user textiles, such as table runners, scarves, kitchen towels, bags and clothing.

Recently my husband and I have started making joint projects. Rob paints and I weave, as you can learn from the portrait of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

I am now inspired by Egyptian art to weave a shroud, because when I will be buried, I naturally want to be “Beautifully adorned”.

Gerda van der Greft – Because you come into contact with woven materials everywhere and always, I became curious about the technique of weaving. That is why I started taking weaving lessons in 2008.

First of all I thought I would do this until I would understand the weaving technique a little bit. I had no intention of doing anything else. But I am still weaving and I am still curious to try out something different. Preferably I try to produce something that is not so obvious and therefore gives a nice challenge. This time the theme of our weaving circle “Beautifully Tanned” was a broad concept with many possibilities.

Hannie Bulsink – Weaving has been my hobby for years. At the folk high school in Bergen / Northern Holland in 1966 I became acquainted with looms and weaving lessons.

Back in the Achterhoek I took lessons of Hennie Willems in Doetinchem The students from that time form the first members of Eigengereid weaving circle

I like working with material that is available on our farm. I have already worked with sheep wool, horsehair and even with antique cutlery.

In my house there is an eight-shaft table loom and a larger standing loom where you can weave up to a meter wide.

The bag is woven from a net that is used to stretch over the strawberry plants in the vegetable garden. The black yarn is wool.

The lining and buttons are from a dress that belonged to my grandmother

Work gloves
The existing fabric of the work gloves has been replaced by self-woven fabric. The material is cotton.

Mariet Quist – As a complement to my work as a teacher in the fashion sector, I started weaving 9 years ago. Weaving my own fabrics besides sewing it is a great addition for me. I like to weave purposefully, e.g. scarves, carpets, but also curtains. I also like to weave fabrics to make clothes, e.g. a jacket or vest.

Playing with colors is very inspiring. Colors change as soon as they are used in combination with other colors in a fabric. As soon as the fabric is finished, I wash it, which makes the structures clear and gives the fabric a different appearance than that during the weaving process on the weaving loom. The end result is always exciting.

Working with different yarns and colors remains a challenge!

Rieneke van der Plicht- van Manen – Caused by my training as a garden and landscape designer, I have a feeling for proportions, rhythms and shapes.

The sober combination of several, very different materials is important for my weaving. In addition, each of these materials must contribute to the overall result.

A swivel to textile designs and material forms other than textiles expands extend the possibilities and my interest in different materials and their application. Exciting contrasts arise.

Tiny Wentink Brugman – I have been weaving for a long time, but during the recent years I mainly wove with disposable material. That can be anything, neat from citrus fruits, copper tape, rope, strips cut from old clothing, etc.

Then I make wall hangings or bags and pillows out of it.

Sometimes the most beautiful creations are given a new life.
This is a great challenge for me, I enjoy it a lot and hope to to be able to continue doing this for a very long time.