Discover a little piece of historic Dinxperlo

June 2021

Irene van der Born-Oudshoorn, born: July 21st, 1951 in Leiden / NL. Residences: Leiden, Delfgauw, Nootdorp, Alphen aan de Rijn and since February 2019 Dinxperlo, all in the Netherlands

Authorization to teach handicrafts and textiles in Oegstgeest

Authorization to teach drawing at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam                  

Therapist for psychoanalytic drawing at the PPCH in Amsterdam

Before my retirement, I worked in primary and secondary schools in Leiden and Leidschendam as a teacher for fine arts and drawing.

The drawing therapy training enables the therapist or internal and external consultants to gain additional insight for diagnosis or support in determining the necessary help for a pupil by watching the drawings together with the pupil and discussing what might have been going on in him by means of the so-called “reading of the drawings”.

My hobbies are an extension of my training, namely modeling, painting and drawing, plus my passion for ballet and especially for modern dance.

My ceramic sculptures shown in the exhibition are inspired by a ballet performance by and with Martha Graham, an American dancer and choreographer. She is considered the founder of modern dance, with the choreographies “Lamention” and “Cronicle” being the main sources of inspiration.

Making mandalas was an important part of homework in the third year of training as a psychoanalytic therapist. Along with my other art performances, this is one of the options that you can easily “take over” and join in.