Discover a little piece of historic Dinxperlo

August 2021

Edith te Linde, 56, born and raised in Aalten.

With Styrofoam and Keracoat she makes figurative and abstract space works.
Keracoat is a hardener that can also be used for painting.
It also gives materials a new life by reusing them.
She came to this way of working at a trade show and was instantly enthusiastic.
In January 2019 she attended teacher training in Eindhoven and began to develop.
She prefers to work with forms that she herself cuts out of styrofoam.
On these shapes literally she puts on textiles and natural materials.
In this way she creates something of which she has no idea what it should be.
For her, it is both inspiring and a great form of relaxation!


Gerjo te Linde, 55, lives in Aalten.
He photographs in the wet-plate Collodion process.
This is a historical photography process that was discovered in 1851 and almost completely disappeared around 1900.
Hand-made photos in black and white, made in the darkroom with old lenses and wooden cameras. The pictures are piece by piece unique, made on glass or aluminum, perfect by the imperfections and unique by the beauty of simplicity.