October 2020

Volker Killemann

The homeland on paintings Volker Killemann enjoys cycling and always has his painting and drawing utensils with him. When cycling, the Lower Rhine, the artist’s homeland, lands in paintings or in his sketchbook.
The artist from Emmerich am Rhein will exhibit his paintings in chapel “Kerkje De Rietstap” on four weekends in October 2020. Then visitors can admire the beautiful region of Lower Rhine painted in watercolor or graphite.
Since 2007, Volker Killemann, who is belonging to a family of artists, draws his homeland and for this purpose he is likely to cycle more than 5000 kilometers a year. There are no real goals for those bicycle tours. One day he drives up the Rhine into direction of Xanten, the other day down the Rhine into direction of Arnhem or the artist immortalizes the most beautiful corners of his homcity either in his sketchbook or draws it in large format pictures. This is how the picture on Killemann’s business card was created. Especially with watercolor paints, charcoal and pencil, the artist likes to work. “It’s just my passion,” the 51-years old artist explains.
His principle: “Every motive is worth to be painted”. In this way more than 400 drawings were created.
“Often I’m sitting in nature, in the park or on the Rhine promenade and am drawing,” Killemann tells. “Many people use to stop and ask what I’m doing there. Then I explain  Urban Sketching, which was the start of my career as artist.” Urban Sketching means that artists join and create a network in order to draw their cities where they live and travel. The motifs must be drawn immediately into the small booklet and not be signed off the memory or from the paper. “It is drawn directly on site,” says the artist.
“I taught myself everything. All the more honest and beautiful are the feedback on my art, “said the autodidact.
At the annual Kunstcarré in Bocholt, which takes place again on May 05, 2019, he may of course not be missing. Negotiations are currently underway for another permanent exhibition in Emmerich. “As soon as the negotiations are completed, I will of course announce this on my Facebook page,” said Killemann.
In the social networks, Volker Killemann can be found on Facebook under the keyword “Niederrhein Art Volker Killemann”. The treasures from the sketchbook can be admired on Flickr (Volker Killemann). Here the Emmericher likes to show his art and post his works.