Karin van Aken (1971) is living in Brabant County. In her daily life, she works four days a week as a team leader in a special school for children with mental disorders, where she also teaches art and culture one day a week.

 Karin’s roots are maternal in Dinxperlo-Breedenbroek, which is why she finds it especially extraordinary to to exhibit in Kerkje de Rietstap.

Creativity is like breathing for her. Sculpting helps her to shape her own development process. It helps her to find her balance in daily life, in the hectic of a demanding job. It helps her to go into herself to embrace both her merry and her dark sides.

In the beginning, Karin never knows how the stone will develop into a character. Usually she decide on a stone because of its shape. Assisted by touching and watching, she decides where to remove something. This is how a figure forms naturally. In the end, she can pinpoint exactly what the character says about herself and where she is standing at that moment. She is thankful to be able to do this experience. Karin draws her inspiration from nature, silence and interpersonal contact. The material used by her is often soapstone, alabaster, serpentine and rarely wood.

Her work is abstract, in often gentle, round forms. This allows everyone to make his  own associations with her sculptures. She thinks that this is very important, because we are all unique, is her opinion.

In addition to sculpture, writing also belongs to Karin’s way of life. She writes completely intuitively. It is nice that in recent times sculpture  and writing come come together more and more. You will observe this in the exhibition.

An exhibition in which Karin shows  to all people her feelings in words and sculptures: This is me!
She cordially invites everyone  to be touched.