Heidi Artz, Bocholt (DE)

Born in 1942 in Remscheid, the enthusiasm for colors and creativity was given to her in the cradle and did not leave during all her life. She is inspired by everything and is very experimental at work. This often leads during the painting process to creation of something completely new.

Heidi  graduated from the engineering school for textile industry in Wuppertal and then moved to Bielefeld. There she dealt for the first time intensively with the watercolor painting. At the local VHS, she was the course instructor for various creative courses.

In 1991 she moved to Bocholt with her family, where she was employed in the hobby center in the Franzstraße for all creative actions from 1992 to 2017.
At the same time, she expanded her experience in painting with pastels, acrylic and oil paints in intensive courses of the following artists: Karin Kuthe, Ekkehardt Hofmann, Bernd Klimmer, Katharina Lichtenscheidt, Andrea Rozorea, Free Academy of Arts, Augsburg, and Gabriele Middelmann at Arts Factory, Hannover.

From 2004 on she exhibited in Remscheid, Rhede, Hamminkeln-Marienthal, Ahaus, Marl In the district court in Bocholt, the Volksbank, at the book market and at joint exhibitions with the Hamaland Kunstkreis at Kunst Care´e in Bocholt and in Isselburg Werth.

The different techniques always reflect her love to watercolor painting. The motifs are often produced in series: studies of capitals, bicycles, book pictures as collages, sea scenes with the variety of cloud and wave shapes, pastel crayons flower motifs and experiments with metal oxides and wax, which always appear somewhere again.

Since 2018 she gives painting classes in the Creativ-Outlet in Rhede