Exhibition by Ciska Wynia in Kerkje De Rietstap, the smallest church of the Netherlands

Almost 45 years ago, Ciska Wynia and her husband Jaap came to live in the Achterhoek.
She was born and raised in Utrecht, but is living in Sinderen since a long time. In 1976 they bought a small farm with much land. Jaap worked as a veterinarian and she as a physiotherapist. About 30 years ago she started her own practice in the village of Sinderen.

In addition to the family and these activities, there was enough time for their hobbies. For her, that meant mainly equestrian sport, and for them together taking care of the garden and their animals: horses, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, etc.

Ciska also remained active in the creative field. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. But pottery and photography have also stolen her heart.

In 1988 she came in contact with Gerrit Jansen. He taught drawing and painting lessons to a group of ladies in Varsseveld.
When Gerrit stopped, the group was taken over by Ineke Wisselink. Ineke could (and can) paint incredibly well and was willing to share her art and knowledge with her students. Ciska has learned everything from her, both watercolor painting and art painting with oil paint.
The lessons ended a long time ago, but she is and will remain grateful to Ineke until the end of her life!

She still is painting. She mainly gets her inspiration from the nature in which she lives: flowers, plants, landscapes, animals. But she also likes to paint utensils with a story.

She made a large painting with elephants for her son in Australia and a birth painting for all five grandchildren.

Ciska hopes to be able to practice this hobby for another long time!