Riëtte Senff, Olst (NL) – Paper artists

During May 2019, Riëtte Senff, née Buter, is exposing her work in the smallest church of the Netherlands, Kerkje De Rietstap.
Born in 1945, she began working as a “papyrist” in 1996 when she came into contact with some paper artists.

For four years she attended courses at the paper artist’s Mieke Veerkamp from Lieren and then she perfected her technique regularly attending workshops of other paper artists such as Jean de Coster, Frits Wiggers, Paul de Gentenaar and Karla Kassenaar.

In 2008, she participated in both a masterclass and the supermasterclass “Moving paper” at the Holland Papierbiënnale, an international exhibition that takes place every two years in the museums in Apeldoorn and Rijswijk.

About her work:
Inspired by objects and materials from nature, she tries to come up with a completely unique design in paper and cardboard.

She makes both two- and three-dimensional works, often bowls and spherical shapes, but also art books, reliefs, collages and jewelry.
She often uses snippets of different types of paper. These are assembled into layer constructions.
Lately, she has also tried matter painting.

By the way, she often produces her own paper so that she can give her work more identity.

She has regularly given workshops on paper-making and bowl-making at schools, senior groups and other interested parties.