Anne Nijland, Groenlo (NL)

Anne Nijland was born in 1959 in Ulft.
Since May 2018 she lives in Groenlo.
She is married and has a daughter. After completing her studies at PABO and the Remedial Teaching program, she spent 10 years working on various branches of the education system in the Netherlands and Aruba.
Painting has always been her hobby, but due to her busy work she often did not have enough time for it. This changed fundamentally after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012. Teaching was no longer possible. Instead, she was often forced to work at home herself. Now she started to paint again. This proved to be a healing way of dealing with emotional issues.
Childbirth, friendship, love, relationships, grief, anger and joy are themes that she portrayed on canvas. Unaffected by courses or studies, she managed to keep her own style.
Anne paints in acrylic, combined with different materials.
She experimented with different techniques, i.a. Linocut. Also works showing done with a white Permanent marker on canvas can be found regularly between her works.