Painting by Gerda Wisselink in mixed techniques, both abstract and semi-realistic.

Already in her earliest childhood Gerda Wisselink loved drawing and painting.
In the sixties she studied for 5 years at ABK-Arnhem (Academy of Fine Arts). She did not make art her profession but even kept on painting. She also taught in various painting clubs.

When she attended a workshop by Bob Tomanovich, she was mesmerized by his beautiful mystical paintings and his use of color. As a result, she took lessons from this artist. She had to travel to Capelle a.d. IJssel every time, but that was it worth to her. There she embraced the technique of painting with Artisan (water-based oil paint). Gerda Wisselink is still a member of the painting club of Bob Tomanovich. Although she does not take classes anymore, she thinks it very inspiring to paint with others.

The exhibition is colorful, warm, captivating and appeals to the imagination: images of space travel? Representations of underwater world? Misty mountain landscapes? Maybe the visitor sees something completely different, that’s all possible.