Annemieke Klein Hesselink, Aalten (NL) – Tesselations

Origami tessellations – symmetry and repetition

In June 2020 Kerkje de Rietstap presents origami tessellations, made by Annemieke Klein Hesselink. Origami tessellations are folded sheets of paper, with repetitive and symmetrical patterns. There is no cutting and pasting. The appearance of tessellations differs at the back from the front, with backlight even there are other patterns to see.

It all started with the wish to have an activity without mess and without fraying. The result is paper folding. Origami courses at the Social Cultural Work in Aalten were the next step. First Annemieke made folds devised by others, later she started designing herself. Those findings and variations can be seen  in Dinxperlo. She is fascinated by symmetrical and repeating patterns and she always is curious as to whether her own conception is feasible. She learns from that, it is a form of self-development.

A tessellation starts with making a grid in the paper. The paper must be strong and flexible and you must be able to make neutral folds. No measuring tools are required to make the grids with equilateral triangles, or to divide the paper into 3 or 5 parts. After folding the grid, maneuvering with the paper follows, creating a pattern.

Monday, June 1st  (Whit Monday) and Sundays June 7th , 14rh , 21st  and 28th, from 2 pm to 5 pm, Kerkje de Rietstap is open. Entrance is without charge, but a free gift for maintaining the church is welcome. The address is Meniststraat 14a, 7091 ZZ Dinxperlo.