Ingrid Otte was born on April 27, 1967 in Bennebroek, North Holland. She now lives in Twente for more than  25 years.
Already as a young girl she was interested in division and color. These two aspects were also spearheads in her career as a garden designer and graphic designer.

In 2015 she started with photo art, she calls it Fragment Art. She draws her inspiration from her ever-growing photo archive with thousands of photos. Her sources of inspiration are found sometimes literally in the street. She photographs the most different objects, with an eye for detail and the beauty of everyday things. In her work, things are eye-catchers that normally little attention is paid to or that do not require attention. In her way of combining photos, she creates unity, but also a field of tension. This is reinforced by the way in which the photo fragments are placed (zoomed in or zoomed out) and in the difference in perspective. This way the work remains fascinating to look at.

She consciously opts for a square shape (100x100cm), because in her view a square dominates the content more than the shape.

Ingrid has also been painting with acrylics for years, usually with a sponge. By that she has developed her own style. With the sponge she applies many thin layers of paint to each other in order to create a large depth of color in the paintings.

With her paintings she tries to stimulate free thinking. She often starts by painting something recognizable. Then she adds elements like lines or colors that you would not expect in that place. It doesn’t have to be correct or to suggest anything.  The atmosphere is important.
You only have to look, you don’t have to see anything.

Ingrid continues to develop and challenge herself by experimenting with other materials, currently including watercolor and paper art.

Ingrid has her own studio with a small exhibition space in Deurningen in Twente.
She regularly exhibits at various places in the country and you can also find her at art markets. You can read more about this on her website