Christa Stoverink, Bocholt (DE) – abstract painting

Christa Stoverink was born in Weeze in 1948 and spent her youth there. Her entire professional life took place at a primary school in Hamminkeln – Dingden. Only after her retirement she had the opportunity to live out her passion for the arts. Now she could paint as much as she wanted or get creative elsewhere. She was able to give free rein to her ideas and build up and expand her skills in various workshops and painting courses. All time, painting was the focus of her work.
Very quickly, dealing with paints and other painting materials took up most of her free time. Often she laid the starting point for partial collages and other small works of art such as cards etc. with self-dyed or printed papers. When painting, she prefers painting with acrylic paint. But sometimes she also uses charcoal, pastel crayon and structure paste.
Her paintings are very often abstract, but this is considered only superficially. If you take a closer look, you can discover human figures in many of her works.