Birgit Blasberg

Born in Ratingen in 1959, in 1985 I started watercolor painting, which I acquired through courses and self-taught.
Juggling with colors and shapes inspired me from childhood.
Concentrating on painting, being alone with myself, immersing myself deep in my own emotions and implementing them in my own way, makes me forget both, space and time. It is a blessing for my soul, I enjoy this relaxation.
In 2004, I discovered the love of acrylic painting.
The focus is on abstract painting, but from time to time I dedicate myself to figurative painting.
My works reflect the focus on the essentials.
With structures and different techniques I set special and expressive accents.
In doing so, I create the fantastic individual style of my works using a variety of materials, such as pigments, sand, metal paints, varnishes and marble flour.
My experimentation leads to the further development of my work.
In my work I’m guided by my feelings and moods.
An emotional intensity is recognizable, the feelings such as happiness, longing, harmony and many others are disclosed.
Consciously I grant the viewer his personal freedom of interpretation, which allows a strong connection to the work.

Birgit Blasberg: “For me, CREATIVITY means LIFE ELIXIR!”