Peter Leidig, Gummersbach (DE) – light traps

Light traps, color intensifiers: Peter Leidig’s kinetic spectra seems to glow fro inside-out, transforming the light that reaches them into color-bright beams of aggressively luminous yellow and orange, warm gold, restrained yellowish green, while – contrarily – the blue and a 3D-esque black perform a sonorous event.

The interplay that generates the work’s overall radiant and vibrating resonance boasts all the contrasting possibilities of a color-intensity that cannot be adequately reproduced in a photograph. Likewise with an ever so slight shift in the angle of the light’s incidence the then materializing metamorphoses prompt the visual impact of the picture. As kinetic objects, these works – when you walk past, when you change your viewing standpoint, and even when you turn your head – trigger new, evolving pictorial aspects of movement; anything static would be allien here.

The specific look is owed to Peter Leidig’s assemblages that combine variously-sized colored and transparent round poles and semi Plexiglas tubes. Added to which are perforated metal plates as well as strips partly reworked with gold leaf and paint, and planes out of plastic and rubber. Besides the variety of haptic qualities, it is the spatial depth and the pliable suggestiveness of the elements placed alongside of and above each other that take the relief beyond its factual depth. In the design of the single components, it is the dominance of the vertical that is here very striking. Leidig achieves their cohesion by all the possibilities of symmetry that play a role in the sum of the structure’s total.

Text: Jens Peter Koerver, Cologne