Georg Halsbenning, Anholt (DE)

About 10 years ago I discovered the first possibilities which stuck in used horseshoes. I welded the first owls, fishes and ducks.
Later driftwood from the Rhine banks appeared. I started combining driftwood and used horseshoes. The first angels were born.
When dealing with the driftwood and the horseshoes I came to the name “Rheinufer-Einhufer” I sometimes use when attending artisan markets.
In the course of time the constant work with horseshoes resulted in more and more objects that I can realize today, such as cat and frog.

In 2014,  I started working with old files.
Already for some time I had a “Venetian gondolier” in my head, the one I could realize from old files in 2014. Continuing working with the files resulted in other objects such as artists, tightrope walkers or a rowing figure of horseshoe, driftwood and file.